miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2016

#47.-And as you move on..remember me..remember us.. and all we used to be.. ~

~ Outfit ~

 Hair: Greg Hair - Speakeasy [Sad November]
Beard: CYRUS Beard - Y-U
 Tatto: Drift Tattoo Speakeasy [TMD]
Jeans: Essential Jogger Black - Vale Koer 

   Sneakers: BLITZOV_Sneakers_BLACK & WHITE VERSOV [TMD]

- Accesories -

Gloves: Alloy Gloves  Razor/// [TMD]

Bracelet: Avia bracelets Kunst [TMD]

Necklace: Mens MESH WESTON Necklace {COLD-ASH} [Ultra Event]
Pose: Levi 3 sit - RkPoses

- Decoration -

Gacha: Lazy Sunday  :HAIKEI: [Kustom9](Take a look!)
On Wall: Lunar Tapestry Fancy Decor 

"And I still hold your hand in mine
In mine when I'm asleep"

James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover

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